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The Right Hair Color for Your Age

Humorist and standup comedian Chelsea Handler attended the June 05, 2011 - 2011 MTV Movie Awards and she wore her long blonde hair parted in the middle and in straight slips of hair that hung around her shoulders.
Let's talk about Chelsea's hair a little bit. Her natural color is probably a dark blonde or a light/medium brown and I would like to see heavy slices of her natural color back into her hair so she would have more color with depth.
Color will bring out her gorgeous blue eyes. When your hair has been lifted up to the high level of blonde that Chelsea has, it takes out all of the color. Even if she were to put a strawberry blonde color it would put warmth in her face and skin tones.
Chelsea Handler's hair color Chelsea Handler - Hair lifted to a high level of blonde
If you find that you've been set in your ways and keep using the same old hair color, perhaps it is time for a little reality check and a change. Everyone needs the right color in their life to be the best they can be.
However, if you cannot decide upon a hair color, be sure and get a new shaping and ask your professional what would do the most for you and your age. We see ourselves differently than the way other people see us.
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