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Long 1940s Inspired Hairstyle

Chelsea Handler at ELLE Magazine's 15th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute on October 06, 2008. Her long blonde hair was worn in a smooth pouf going back and away from her face and over to the side to keep the part on the left side.
The other side was also brought away from her face and secured in the back. The back was brought in the front and glossed and smoothed to the max without a cuticle out of place.

There were many tones in her hair from her new growth on her sides, to her strawberry tones, dark tones on her ends and beige blonde tones. If her hair were to come just a little bit more toward the front on the top and rested upon her forehead, it would have been a 1940s hairstyle.
Chelsea's makeup gives us an awareness of the naturalness of her eyebrows and light eye shadow underneath them that blends in with her darker color, eyeliner and mascara. There is a good amount of blush around her facial features and a pastel pink lip color.
Her deep pink satin top construes more color and contrast for her fair skin tones. The deep pink looks much better than a pastel pink would look on Chelsea due to the pink in her skin.
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