Charlize Theron Ponytail

Charlize Theron wearing her hair in a ponytail
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Movie stars from around the world attended the 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival. Charlize Theron was among them in attendance for the "Mad Max: Fury Road" film. Charlize, has been lucky enough to walk on a countless number of red carpets for photo calls, screenings and film premieres and time and time again she does not disappoint.
Her ensemble had everything going on ... it was a black leather dress complete with fringe, peek-a-boo pops of skin under lace lining and a mesh and polka dot d├ęcolletage area topped off with a scarf. With all of that, Charlize knew to keep her hair and makeup modest.
Charlize Theron - Polished ponytail look
Photo by PR Photos
If anyone can take a simple ponytail and make it look phenomenal, it's Charlize Theron. It may sound unpleasant but the best way to achieve a polished ponytail is to have dirty hair. Don't worry, we're not talking about weeks' worth of soiling. A day or two should suffice. The objective is to combat fly-a-ways with the natural sebum from the scalp.
So the prep for this would begin a few days out or a hair style you can do when you do not have time to shampoo your hair. Part the bangs section to the side while the remainder is pulled back into a pony. Next, curl the ends of the ponytail and smooth the top with a toothbrush (it gets rid of any bumps). Last, use a generous amount of hair spray to make sure you have a long lasting hold.
Charlize Theron wearing a leather dress with lace lining
Photo by PR Photos
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