Carol Vorderman's Hair

Carol Vorderman with long and youthful looking hair
Photos by PR Photos
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Carol Vorderman stepped out to the "Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games" UK Gala Night in London looking very vivacious and carefree. Her high necked red dress was very conservative but she still manages to look quite sexy!
Though Carol is 53 years old in these photos she looks fantastic and a lot of it is due to her youthful looking hair. Always take good care of your hair so that it stays looking healthy and young.
She uses every element to her advantage to stay fresh including length, shape, color, and texture. Her strands are cut above the bust line and some may argue a little long for her age but that myth is being busted day after day by sophisticated ladies such as Carol.
Carol Vorderman - Long hairstyle for middle aged ladies
Photo by PR Photos
The layers are cut softly and are placed around the shoulder-line. The placement helps to keep the shape light and sexy. The tousled bangs are split in the middle but left windblown and flirtatious. The overall haircut is very well done and complements her round face shape nicely.
Carol's sandy blonde locks are highlighted beautifully. The light beige tones swirl together very nicely and the color is uniform from roots to tips. The texture is left smooth and soft with a little bit of a tousled feel. Some hairspray was used on her strands to give it some finish and keep it from looking to bone straight.
This long hairstyle is a fabulous one to try for middle aged ladies who want to stay looking and feeling young.
Carol Vorderman - fashionable long hairstyle with soft layers
Photo by PR Photos
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