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Hair Partly Up and Partly Down

Carol Alt has her dark brunette hair partly up and partly down (January 31st, 2007), known to be the best of both worlds in some circles. There is a small pouf on the top while the crown holds all of her hair into cascades of curls on top of each other.

There are many ways you could do this; if you feel ambitious. If you would like to begin with clean damp hair, apply your setting gel and begin rolling vertically in one direction in the back with small to medium sized rollers. If your hair is known to be hard to curl, use the small rollers.
Begin in the crown and work your way across and down, zigzagging as you go. Roll the top and sides all going toward the back. When dry, brush vigorously, unless you have thin fine hair in which case you'd want to use a comb. Bring all the hair back into a hair band. Take a large portion of the top hair that is in the hair band and clip it. Take the other portion and wrap singly in about two inch sections around your one or two fingers and then let bounce. Do this with all the hair. Use a hair pin to lift the top up a bit for your pouf.
Carol Alt - Festive hairstyle with curls Carol Alt  wearing her hair half up and half down Carol Alt - Updo with curls
Another way is to only fasten the crown area with your hair band or pins and allow the rest to fall in the ringlets underneath. Fix the ringlets in the band or around the pins, same as above. Wrap some hair around the hair band or a ribbon or hair ornament. Still another thought is to brush all the hair back and on each side make a vertical row of hair pins to keep the hair in place. Carefully wrap the ringlets in place, from the bottom up. Allow to fall and bounce wherever they please.
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