Carla Gugino's Fake Pixie Cut

Carla Gugino with her hair in a fake pixie cut
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Would you like to surprise your friends with a faux pixie cut, just like Carla Gugino did when she shocked fans at the “Roadies” TV Series Premiere in Los Angeles? Don’t worry, with our how-to instructions, it's easier than you might think!
To start, separate the top section of your hair. Then, use a spray bottle to dampen the bottom section. Apply a holding gel throughout the dampened bottom section.
Once that's done, vertically wrap the bottom section, similar to a French twist, and secure it in place with bobby pins. The top section should be dry, backcombed, and sprayed with hairspray for maximum height.
Carla Gugino - Fake pixie cut how to
Photo by PR Photos
Be careful not to tangle the outer hair strands, as these will be used to cover the teased sections. Brush these sections over the teased hair and secure them in place with bobby pins. Twist the remaining hair into the lower section of the French twist and secure it with more bobby pins.
Finish off the hairstyle with a generous coat of maximum hold hairspray to ensure that your faux pixie cut stays in place!
Carla Gugino hairstyles
Photo by PR Photos
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