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Long Hairstyle with the Ends Flipping Up

Camille Winbush has her long hair styled in layers with the fashionable stringed ends flipping up (February 7th, 2007). This is a specialized hairstyle and it is to be remembered that you cannot achieve this look without a good cut before hand with your professional.
Your hairstylist will design the hair to go into the direction you want, and then with practice you will be able to flip this up with your brush with the help of hair products.
Camille Winbush - Long hairstyle with flipping ends
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While getting that new haircut, your stylist will be able to give you beginning tips and advice on the maintenance for the upkeep. What she doesn't tell you, don't be afraid to ask about. They are there to serve you. Simplicity goes along way in looking classy.
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