Courtney Yates Hairstyles

Courtney Yates
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Courtney Yates is an American reality television celebrity, born March 26th, 1981.
Courtney has a slight resemblance to Gwen Stefani and seems to be inspired by the star's haircolor and some of her earlier hairstyles. A platinum blonde is the base for Courtney's edgy appearance and her hair was cut in a long, straight shag style with jagged texture and diagonal styling.
Courtney has dark eyes and eyebrows, which stand out extremely with a light, silvery color of this type and she might exude a more harmonious and balanced vibe with a color that is darker and has a warmer hue.
Her golden blonde color that she had, when she was still seen sporting fun pigtails and scruffy ponytails, was a much better choice for the color of her skin and her eyes. Any cut that has some texture works great with Courtney's active and sporty vibe and she could also look great with very modern short haircuts with a lot of edges and angles.
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