Bridget Moynahan Hairstyles

short hair turned outward photo of Bridget Moynahan
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Bridget Moynahan was born April 28th, 1971 and is probably most widely recognized for her big movie break in the film "Coyote Ugly", and later starring opposite Will Smith in "I, Robot".
Ms. Moynahan is a lovely woman and a fresh change of pace from so many of the blonde clones in the entertainment industry.
Sporty Bridget always has a charming tomboy flair, even in her most glamorous moments and her haircuts reflect this uncomplicated and active side of her. She usually wears her hair medium long to short and elegantly parted on the side with a long side swept fringe. Her face shape and strong, beautiful features just ask for classic hairstyles like bobs and she does wear versions of it.
A chin length bob with large waves and a slick finish is a great choice for festive events, but her layered hairstyles that come with a more casual feel are just as captivating. Bridget has very dark brown-black hair, which looks amazing when styled sleek and with a lot of shine. Other colors that proved to enhance her natural beauty as well are mahogany and other warm, reddish brown tones.
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