Brenda Strong Hairstyles

Brenda Strong with medium length hair Brenda Strong sporting a formal look for short hair Brenda Strong with curls Brenda Strong - Hairstyle for women over fifty
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American actress Brenda Strong was born in Oregon on March 25th, 1960. She was Miss Arizona in 1980. She is known for her role as Mary Alice Young on Desperate Housewives.
Brenda, who is also a yoga teacher, likes to keep things natural and simple. This also applies to her haircuts and she found a perfect basic cut that works great with her features and fits into her lifestyle.
This textured version of a bob is at mid-length, sometimes touching her shoulders but usually a bit shorter. She wears it with a side-part and the long fringe flipped back in a sexy curve.
This basic hairstyle can be styled from casual to glamour very quickly and all it needs is a change of texture, a bit of a curl or gentle tousled and scrunching with a dollop of mousse to turn it from simple to seductive.
Her hair color is as vibrant as her personality and the deep strawberry blonde / coppery tone harmonizes well with her skin tone.
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