Anne Hathaway's Hippie Look

Anne Hathaway - Hippie look with long hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Doe-eyed actress Anne Hathaway possesses an intense natural beauty, and it doesn't take much to turn her into a truly stunning sight.
She looked fantastic under the camera flashlights, dressed in a neo-hippie look with sleek and sophisticated long hair that shone brightly, competing with the shimmer of her jewelry.
Her hair is tapered in the front and textured at the ends. Starting from a side part, it flows in a straight and sleek wave to the side, with a touch of elegant curl at the ends.
A very chic touch is the high crown, achieved by combing her hair back from the middle of the top and teasing it slightly at the roots before smoothing out the surface.
Back view of Anne Hathaway's long hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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