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Updo with a French Twist

Angelina Jolie attended the Paris Premiere of "Salt" on August 17, 2010 and she wore her lovely golden brown hair up into the never failing sophisticated French twist with one section of the top over in a pouf and then being molded into the twist. The stylist left a section out of the roll and brought a ribbon of the hair from the front to clip over the twist in the back.

Angelina keeps light bangs upon her forehead and tendrils along the sides of her face giving an obvious softness to her beautiful feminine features. This is a fine example of wearing the hair up into a gentle upswing that brings more of a formal presentation to the face and the gown when stepping out.
Her makeup is very similar to movie queen Sophia Loren as she concentrated on having sultry eyes. Angelina has light thick eyebrows and a light shadow on her lids with thick eyeliner. She can wear the thick eyeliner on the top and also encircled on the bottom in a lighter mode very well because she has such lovely large eyes.
Angelina Jolie - Updo with a French twist Side view of Angelina Jolie's updo Angelina Jolie - Up-style with light bangs Angelina Jolie wearing a shiny silver dress
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