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Angelina Jolie's Hair Styled Up

Beautiful Angelina Jolie looks like she could be related to Sophia Loren as she wears her hair pulled back and up with a circular based hair ornament surrounding her cluster of curls (12/11/2006).

If you are thinking about trying this style for yourself, here are a couple of options to see if you can do it: Chances are, if you are wearing longish hair you can swirl it up and around into the many looks we have today.
For an elegant look such as this, it might be easier for you to leave your hair unwashed. Now section off your hair in the top and sides and clip to stay out of the way. Take the rest of your hair and divide sections of about two inches; backcomb each section until you look like a scary clown with your whole head pointing in different directions. Spray lightly and allow to dry before touching it again.
When dry, begin to brush towards the back while smoothing out the outer layer of the hair shafts from the backcombing. Begin to use bobby pins as you place the hair up and in a circular fashion. When this is done, you should have a bunch of hair shooting out from your creative formation.
Use your medium sized hot iron and begin to curl the different shoots of hair. When you are done you could randomly place hair pins or bobby pins inside your circle of curls, and then use a lift to gather the rest together.
Angelina Jolie wearing her hair up Back view of Angelina Jolie's upstyle Angelina Jolie with her hair pulled back and styled up
The outcome all depends upon your talent. Another option is to make a shortcut by putting the hair into a ponytail and purchasing a hair piece that attaches to the ponytail and placing the synthetic hair where you want it and the hair ornament around your style.
Some suggestions for a hair ornament are ribbons, scarf's, necklaces such as pearls or synthetic braids. Don't give up, if you feel you can't do this, maybe your best friend can.
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