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Alyssa Milano

Clash of the Titans had its premiere in Los Angeles on March 31, 2010 and Alyssa Milano's long hair was picture perfect in smoothed out layers that flowed like a gentle river below her shoulders. She had one large swoop from the top that went up just a bit then, down along her face.

Her hair colors gave a coordination of caramels, light browns and blonde. Alyssa's hair is a beautiful setting but think before you decide to go for this hairstyle because the smoothing process with a flat iron might take you a few hours. Most will need the proper styling products to give the hair the oomph it will need to stay that way.
Alyssa's pretty brown eyes are magnified with a touch of blue shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Her brows are well kept with a subtle darkening. There is the barest hint of pink upon the apple of her cheeks that mirrors the color of lips.
Alyssa Milano with long smoothed hair Alyssa Milano with her long hair styled along her face Alyssa Milano wearing her long hair styled to one side Alyssa Milano wearing boots, jeans and a sheer top
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