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Loose Updo with a Bun

American actress Alexandra Breckenridge looks all charming and girly in her loose updo that made her shine at an industry event on February 28th, 2008. Her green satin halter dress with the retro pattern was a great choice that showed off her tattoo on her back and also intensified the color of her eyes.
Alexandra Breckenridge wearing her hair in a loose updo
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The hair was nourished to a maximum of healthy shine and brushed out to a sleek and straight splendor. From the side partition the bangs were swept to either side in a round curve and tucked behind the ears.
All the hair was gathered in the neck and rolled into a loose bun, with a few little strands allowed to stick out, therewith adding a playful and slightly disheveled look.
Alexandra Breckenridge - Updo with a loose bun Alexandra Breckenridge wearing her hair up Alexandra Breckenridge with an updo for a girly look Alexandra Breckenridge wearing a green satin dress
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