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Updo for Prom or a Night Out

Alana Curry is part of a basketball team called "The Hollywood Hoopsters" to help raise financial support for different schools. Looking like a real prom queen, Alana poses for the photographer in her blue evening gown (02/25/2007).
She is wearing her hair back and up in a roll, in the crown of her head. The top lays smoothly with great ease, and connecting to her side. This is an ideal updo for the prom or for that special night out.

If you are ready to try your hand, for this style, do yourself a big favor before you wash your hair. Heat up your flat iron now. After you have washed and dried your hair, section off about half of the top area and secure with a clasp. Next, take the rest of your hair and brush it all back and place it halfway into a hair band. This means, you will have some hair sticking out from under the band.
Now, find whatever hair decoration you have been saving for this exceptional moment. If it is a ribbon, begin to wind it around the base of the hair band and also over the hair that is sticking out. One ribbon can cover a multitude of sins. Make a bow or tuck it under the band for safe keeping. The idea is to camouflage and hide what you don't want seen.
Now take small sections beginning in the very front of the bangs and smooth them out while tilting toward the one side. Do this with all of the top hair. When done, comb over to the side and tuck into the hair that has been pulled back. Spray, and go get a steak.
Alana Curry wearing a silk blue evening gown Alana Curry - Updo for a night out Alana Curry - Hairstyle for a night out
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