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Hair Falling in Soft Curves

American Actress with supermodel Looks, Adrienne Janic shared her humor on May 6th, 2008 and looked amazing as always in her long hair and a stylish gray strapless dress in a retro pattern.

With long and full hair it does not take much styling to leave a lasting impression. The most important beauty "tricks" here are healthy hair and lots of shine.
Long hair has to be trimmed regularly and conditioned after every shampoo. Adrienne's tresses received a blunt cut that makes the ends appear well nourished and strong. Parted on the side the hair falls in soft curves and is brushed to the utmost smoothness and shine. The shimmer can be enhanced with some shine serum and spray.
Adrienne Janic - Long hairstyle with soft curves Adrienne Janic look with shiny long hair
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