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Tousled Curly Bob

American actress Adrianne Palicki, known for her role in the TV Series Supernatural, also knows how to bring out the best in her hair. On July 26th, 2008 she sported a short, tousled, curly bob; a fun variation on the base cut of a sleek one length bob.

The slightly disheveled curls give her a youthful, sunny look. It is a great hairstyle for a transitional phase between shorter styles and long hair. If you don't have natural waves or a perm, roll the hair on medium sized and small rollers. Different sizes guarantee a more natural look.
When set, just pull the curls apart with the fingers or use a very wide toothed comb. Shake it all in place and add some shine serum with your fingertips. To generate more spiraled curls, twirl individual strands with your fingers and fixate it all with some hairspray.
The long, wrap around scarf in happy pink stripes supports the fresh look of the hairstyle and is an easy but fabulous way to dress up jeans and a simple black top.
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