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Adrianne Palicki Hairstyles

Adrianne Palicki is an American actress, born May 6th, 1983. She starred as Tyra Collette on NBC's television series Friday Night Lights. We also know her from Smallville as Kara and as Jessica Moore in Supernatural.
  • sporty long hairstyle
  • coiled curls set by a curling iron
  • flattering bob
  • curly tousled bob
  • 1940s look
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Adrianne has pronounced cheekbones and a small, defined chin - both giving her face a heart shape. Ideal looks for her are chin length bobs and medium long styles with or without curls. Adrianne is the sporty type and prefers hairstyles that are versatile, that can go from the gym or the ballgame to the bistro and that can be turned into a glam style as well.
Her colors are always natural, just as her overall style - light on the make-up and preferring comfortable clothes out of natural fibers, but always casually sophisticated.
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