Angela Kinsey Hairstyles

Angela Kinsey is an American actress, born June 25th, 1971. She plays the role of Angela Martin on the sitcom The Office.
Angela Kinsey photo Angela Kinsey with shoulderlength hair Angela Kinsey with shoulderlength hair
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Angela has a long and oval face and makes the right choices with her shoulder long, tapered haircuts and a side partition.
She styles this basic cut in several variations but always avoids creating too much volume on top and keeps the sides and ends full. The light inward curve adds momentum and motion, bringing balance to her proportions.
Her light blonde hair color is in harmony with her warm but light skin tone and she does well with just basic make-up in subtle, smoky colors. The same applies to her wardrobe choices. Bright, bold tones would be too overpowering for her vanilla colored self.
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