Alison Lohman Hairstyles

Alison Lohman (born September 18th, 1979) is a native of Palm Springs, California and began her acting career at an early age in local stage productions. She's been seen in numerous TV shows and films, including White Oleander, Big Fish, Flicka and Beowulf.
choppy side parted bob Alison Lohman with short hair Alison Lohman with long hair
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The petite actress has fine blonde hair and has had a number of sassy short hairstyles. She looks best with chin length, sleek or layered variations of the bob. If she chooses a longer look, it should feature tapered sides and a lot of texture in the layers.
Her blonde color is ideal for her skin tone and really brings out her strangely mysterious eyes, that she enhances with a skilled application of light eye shadows and black eye liners. With her classic beauty and alabaster skin Alison can even pull of bright red lipstick without looking painted.
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