Curly Hair

Here's another example of beautifully styled curly hair. The tightly coiled curls are layered to manage the volume around the face. This hairstyle is complemented by a side part, and the best way to style it is likely by blow-drying with a diffuser and using a wax-based product to finger-style and enhance the curls, adding extra detail to the look.

The makeup colors are carefully chosen to create a harmonious balance with the rich, dark hair color. They aim to enhance the features without creating a dramatic effect. Neutral shades and peach-toned eyeshadows and blushes, along with a subdued dark pink lip color, work together to achieve the desired balance for this look.
As for the outfit, it includes a shimmering blouse with a metallic print and a fitted jacket in a soft pink shade. The jacket incorporates feminine details without being overly frilly, creating a stylish ensemble that complements the overall aesthetic.
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