Close-Cropped Haircut

Classic elements blend together in this unconventional hairstyle. The short, layered gamine haircut is styled to be sleek and smooth, with added detailing that creates a close-cropped yet alluring look. This style draws attention to the model's captivating rich brown eyes, which match the beautiful coffee-colored hair.

To enhance the eyes, a vibrant sky blue liner is used to outline them, making the dark brown color truly stand out. The rest of the face features a simple and clean look, with neutral shades and a dewy finish that enhances the natural beauty of the model's skin without hiding it.
The clothing serves as a contrast to both the hairstyle and makeup. The shirt incorporates masculine, pseudo-military details, while the glossy vinyl appearance of the tie adds a touch of edginess. Although these elements may evoke a sense of men's fashion, the overall effect is a powerful declaration of femininity.
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