Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

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Hair is a serious matter, whether we have it or are losing it. Western society puts a lot of emphasis on being thin, but when it comes to our hair, "thin" is not the word we want to hear!
While most baldness occurs in males, women are not exempt from thinning and hair loss. One in four will experience this hair loss phenomenon before and during menopause, due to the changing hormones, estrogen and testosterone. The ratio of estrogen to testosterone flips during menopause, causing women to lose hair on their heads while growing it on their face. We have always known that there are imbalances in our society, but this is particularly absurd! And while most men will accept this loss and move on, women have a more difficult time coming to terms with their hair loss.
Losing our locks, our beauty signature, is a devastating and depressing feeling. Brittle, dry hair is now the norm, and expensive shampoos and conditioners no longer work like they used to. Just as expensive hair "goo" only dries your hair more and residue makes it look limp and dull. Hairsprays are just as bad, as the alcohol content only makes lifeless hair seem more like a helmet than those soft, bouncy curls of yesteryear.
So, what can we do to bring back those youthful-looking hair days? Well, you may be able to promote hair re-growth in a natural way by changing your diet and exercise routines. If you are not getting enough exercise or have a lot of stress in your life, aim for 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily. P.S. Exercise has nothing to do with hair re-growth whatsoever, but it can't hurt!
If you are eating too many red meats or fatty foods, stop it! Start adding more fiber, fruits, and vegetables to your diet. Also, drink lots of water. A healthy inside can only promote our beautiful external assets.
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There are also professionals who believe that treatments to cleanse the body orally will promote a healthy and balanced system. These may include a licensed professional to perform an enema or colonic irrigation. Both of which sound very invasive, but if the right professional does the job, there is nothing better than feeling good both inside and out.
If the above how-to tips aren't for you, ladies, there is still hope! Doctors have found that women are better candidates for hair plugs and hair transplants because of the way our hair thins, or how we lose our hair, as opposed to male pattern baldness. There are hormone treatments that can even out the ratios in our bodies to start the hair regrowth pattern again (on our heads and not on our faces), and there are numerous over-the-counter medications for hair regrowth that some say really do work!
Don't lose faith, ladies! Just read the tips listed here, try them if you want, and maybe you will see those luxurious, full, and shiny hair follicles coming back to life.
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