North Eastern Regional Winners

Long Chunky Hair

Long and chunky haircut
A well deserved L'Oréal Colour Trophy went to Saks Salon of Rippon for the long layered hairstyle in dark brown. The layers are long and chunky with attention to creating most of the volume on top and around eye level.
The bangs are definitely the star of this creation, but are highly rivaled by the finesse of the textured and slinky lengths that just smooth themselves against her skin way past the collar bone. The bangs are stylish and long, with a little sheer effect just off center.

Blunt Cut Bangs

Long hair with blunt cut bangs
The bangs might be blunt, but the entire look is definitely on the sharp side. A clever combination of lengths, structure and color meant that a L'Oréal Colour Trophy went home with Ashoka Salon of Cottingham.
The shoulder-length bob also has soft edges that were cut with a razor. A strand on each side went through the curling iron and was then gently plugged apart with the fingers. Blond and a rusty brown are side by side in small strands bringing more focus to the already impressive bangs.

Spiral Haircut

Hair with spiral curls
A strong middle part, blunt, inward angled bangs and chunky sausage spirals are the recipe for success and get Cutting Room Salon of Leeds a L'Oréal Colour Trophy. Many layers were used to give the long, wide and spiral shaped curls enough lightness and room to fully develop and enchant the rest of us.
Opposite to all of the motion, the bangs remain calm and centered in their middle part. The bangs are split evenly to both sides and has a gentle inward curve and a straight, sleek and shine structure.

Men's Spiky Page Boy

Spiky page boy cut for men
Straight but chunky spikes are all over the place on this layered page boy style. Saks Salon of Chester Le Street won the Men's Image Award for it. The heavily textured hair moves from shorter layers on the crown to increased length all the way to the collar of his shirt.
Bangs with flattering disruptions and a wispy outward bend in all of the tips give this hairstyle a very urban and somewhat romantic aura. His hair color is a very earthy brown, enhanced with the most subtle highlights that also look very natural.
Photo Credits: L'Oréal Professionnel