Retro Active by Antionette Beenders

Retro Active hairstyles with highlights
Antoinnette Beenders has crafted a stunning collection of hairstyles catering to both women and men. Layers cascade, undulate, and gracefully drape into versatile silhouettes. These beautiful, adaptable forms shift effortlessly, creating ethereal halos of highlights that shimmer and catch the urban daylight. Complemented by celestial shades accentuating the skin, the result is a retro-chic homage to the city of angels.

Halfway over the Ear

Halfway over the ear haircut and a turtleneck
Antoinette approaches hairstyling with the precision of a sculptor refining marble. Each snip of her scissors is deliberate as she tailors the cut to perfection. Blunt edges encircle the head, allowing strands to gently cascade, reaching halfway over the ears and delicately grazing the turtleneck collar.
The result is a framing of the face with playful peekaboo strands. To achieve this look, Antoinette employs gel application and a gentle blow-drying technique, ensuring every detail is impeccably crafted.

Men's Hair with Smooth Lines

Men's hair with smooth lines
Antoinette's expertise recognizes Aveda as the pinnacle of masculinity, harnessing the purest ingredients to accentuate a man's finest qualities.
Sharp, smooth lines define these layers, making a bold statement as he strides into the room. Achieving this distinctive men's hairstyle requires a touch of texturizing and blow-drying.

Clipped Up in the Back

Bob with clipped up hair in the back
Bob with the back cut steeply
Picture the shimmering elegance of fine gold gently drifting across water. That's the essence of this bob cut. The hair is gracefully clipped at the back with angled sides, while maintaining a longer length in the front.
The crown is semi-blunted, elegantly capping the tapered area in the back. With this haircut, freedom of styling abounds, inviting you to explore the concept of liberty with each effortless flick and tousle.

Bob with Tweaked Ends

Bob with tweaked ends and an unfolded turtleneck
This bob hairstyle features a captivating blend of multi-toned hair, intertwining reds, browns, and golds to create a striking visual effect. The ends have been delicately tweaked, directing the flow of hair towards the face.
Antoinette adds further definition by crafting the bangs with a sharp bluntness, enhancing the narrative of the model's eyes. Achieving this look is facilitated by blow-drying with a large round brush, ensuring each strand falls into place with effortless elegance.

Blunt Cut around the Head

Bluntly cut hair
In her meticulous approach akin to chiseling and refining a fine marble sculpture, Antoinette devotes careful attention to her customized designs. Employing her scissors, she creates blunt cuts around the entirety of the head, allowing hair to gracefully cascade halfway over the ears with stray strands framing the sides of the face.
To achieve this look, apply gel and lightly blow-dry with a hairdryer, resulting in a polished and effortlessly chic hairstyle.

Look of Sideburns

Female haircut with sideburns
Embodying the sleekness of polished, dark glass, this bob haircut, complete with sideburns, presents an ultra-modern allure. The bangs rest delicately just above the brows, commanding attention akin to an encore on stage.
Following the blow-drying process, a generous application of gloss enhances the shine, elevating the overall appeal of this hairstyle.
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