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How to Style a Pixie Cut

Erica is a young lady who loves make-up, hair and fashion. In this video she shows how to style a pixie cut in 3 different ways.
Erica has a pixie for over a year and she absolutely loves her haircut. There’s no need to always wear your pixie in exact the same way. Erica shows how to achieve three different styles with your pixie. They are all three unique and give you completely different looks.
The first style is the smooth, polished look. With the right products her hair looks smooth and polished and it lasts all day. The second style, the wet look, is perfect for when you’re running late or for when you want to wear your hair in a completely different way. The third style is the edgy, volumized look. It’s supper disheveled and messy and really good when you have a dirty hair day.
How to style a pixie cut Smooth polished pixie Wet look styling for a pixie Volumized styling fro a pixie
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