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Teenagers and Gray Hair (2)

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There are certain steps however to help minimize the severity of the gray and prolong the process of becoming partially or completely gray. As mentioned above, refraining from succumbing to peer pressure and avoiding starting smoking will bring a multitude of benefits to a teenager’s health, including reducing the chances of their hair turning gray.
There are also certain natural remedies which may help to prevent the onset of premature graying. Taking a daily supplement of 15 mg of zinc with 1mg of copper is proven to have beneficial affects in delaying the arrival of gray hair within younger members of society.
Whilst stress and gray hair are not intrinsically linked, it has been suggested that stress and anxiety can augment and intensify hair which is beginning to turn gray on teenagers. Adolescents can be under types of stress which is unique to their age, and is essentially different to ‘adult stresses’. Whilst teenagers may not feel under pressure to find money to pay the bills, or worry about being made redundant, they can be subjected to stress invoked by bullying or not conforming to teenage ‘rules’, and at such a young age they do not know how to deal with it. Finding a gray hair as they look in the mirror will certainly cause anxiety and amplify any already existing stress. Learning to relax and cope with stress can only have positive repercussions on teenagers trying to deal with the worry that their hair is turning gray.
Some teenagers become anemic, which leads to a deficiency of B vitamins. A lack of vitamin B12 particularly has been linked to causing gray hair within teenagers. Taking a B complex supplement will help to boost this much needed vitamin and subsequently may help to reduce “premature graying”.
Ways for Teenagers to Disguise Gray Hair
Prevention might always be better than cure, but if a teenager, who is desperately trying to obstruct the gray which is emerging on their head, but is losing the battle, a ‘cure’ or a ‘disguise’ may be their only option to thwart the school bullies from relishing in those who have fallen victim to premature graying, misfortunes. Teenagers, at least are extremely talented in ‘bending the truth’ and concealing their gray strands of hair from the view of others should not be too difficult. Nonetheless, there are several ‘established conventions’ which both teenagers and adults alike can take to conceal their graying mane.
Dye Gray Hair
Dyeing hair another color is the most popular and arguably the most effective way to disguise any impending gray. Gray hair is disguised more effectively by dyeing it with a lighter color, as re-growth will not be as noticeable as it would with darker colors. As teenagers who are affected by gray hair typically just have partial gray and not a full head of gray, blonde highlights can be a good solution for achieving a more natural looking head of hair, which will not be a drastic change. For teenage boys however, the prospect of having gray hair may be preferable over having blonde highlights. A full head of dye a shade or two lighter than his natural color may be the best solution for teenage boys to cover gray hair.
Reminex GH
Reminex GH is a Hair Color Restoration Vitamin, which is made from only natural ingredients and is a suitable product for both adults and teenagers to help and restore their hair back to its natural color. Reminex GH comes in tablet form and consists of different ingredients proven to combat premature graying hair, including Saw Palmetto extract. The fact that Reminex GH is available in the US without a prescription makes it a popular choice for teenagers, as they can avoid the embarrassment of going to the doctors to discus their ‘delicate’ problem.
Gray hair, at any age, is a disheartening symbol that youth is not an eternal gift. But when gray hair rears its ugly head on a person who is still in their youth, the physiological effects can be tremendous, as there is nobody quite as sensitive and responsive to any ‘abnormalities’ as teenagers.