Laced-Up and Elegant

Eelegant laced-up hairstyle
Here's a style that's sure to attract attention from those individuals who like a smoothly finished style with lots of detail. It's perfect for those individuals with long hair who want a neatly finished up-style. It's highly effective for individuals with lighter-colored hair as well as those with dark tresses.
Creating the Style:
Step One: Creating this style requires straight hair, and works best if the hair has not been freshly washed. If you have straight hair naturally (or only slight waves) you can simply flat iron the hair to be smooth and proceed to step two.
However, those individuals with curly or wavy hair should have their hair wet and blown straight, then smoothed with a flat iron until the hair is perfectly flat (or very nearly so). There are many products available to help you achieve smooth, silky, straight hair in conjunction with flat ironing if the iron alone isn't giving the desired results.
Laced-up up-style hair how to
Step Two: The hair should be parted in a straight line down the middle of the head. Select the side you are working first, and clip the other out of your way if it helps. Comb or brush the hair back from the face, leaving down a small segment at the nape of the neck.
You want to create a French twist on one side that will come to rest at the center parting, so use your comb or brush to back-comb the hair along the inside (the side facing the center part) 10-12 times to add some structure and make the twist sturdier. Next, make sure the exterior side is still smooth and wind the hair into a French-style twist and anchor it in place with large bob pins crossed into an "X" at the scalp. (You will likely need to make two "X's" that will slightly overlap.) Secure the twist fully with small bob pins.
Repeat step two with the other side of the parting, remembering to leave the strand at the nape of the neck on this side, too. When you've completed the second twist, they should be closely enough placed as to be almost touching one another. Use the edge of your brush or comb to make sure the hair is smooth, and spray with hairspray. Pat gently to control fly-away hairs.
Step Three: Now it's time to work with the strands of hair we left down at the nape of the neck. Select one of the strands and comb it to smooth it out if needed. (A touch of hair smoothing product may also be applied.) Lift the strand up at an angle and lay it diagonally across the bottom point where the twists meet as shown in the illustration.
Pin the strand in place to hold it at this point and leave the end of it to hang for a moment. Prepare your remaining strand as you did the first and raise it to lie across the original strand. Secure it in place as well.
How to style hair in a laced-up updo
Continue alternating between the first and second strands, working your way up the head along the center "seam". The effect should look like that of shoelaces crossing one another in a zigzag fashion. When you reach the top of the twists, carefully tuck the ends of the strands into or under the twists. Except for optional decoration, the style is complete at this point.
The method described here supposes that there are no bangs to deal with in the original style. Short bangs can be dealt with as you normally would, or curled in to large curls to hang on the forehead.
Long bangs can be parted in the center and pulled to either side of the face and secured with jeweled bob pins or small barrettes. Even with out bangs, you may opt (as in our illustration) to leave two strands at the center of the forehead which can be swept into an S-curve and secured at the sides with a jeweled pin or barrette.
Decorative details are entirely up to you, although you won't want to add such decorations as would detract from the style itself. Keep adornments small and simple.
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