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Long crimped hair
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Start from the bottom of the head, at the neck area, and choose a section in which to start. Use the hairspray and lightly mist the hair of the section and allow the spray to dry, then comb through the section again. Once the hair is again dry, take slices from the bottom of the section with which you are working.
Work your way up the section in small slices, then go to the next section on the bottom of the head. Once the lower sections are finished, work your way up the head, finishing in the top and crown sections.
Take the slice you intend to press and comb it smooth using the tail comb; then begin the pressing. While pressing each slice of a section, begin at the scalp and hold the end of the hair loosely in your free hand. Since the hair needs to cool before the wave will be set, the lack of tension is important. Holding the hair taut will simply pull the crimping out of the hair.
Fortunately, the use of the hairspray to prepare the sections should result in the slices being crisply crimped, and provide some stability while the hair cools. Proceed from the scalp to the ends of the hair by pressing the hair slices between the plates all along the length. Try not to overlap the pressed areas at all as this can lead to overstressing the hair.
Once you’ve completed all the sections, and have the hair all crimped, keep in mind that you don’t want to brush through crimped hair. You really don’t want to comb it, either. Doing so will leave the hair looking frizzed and bushy.
Style Ideas for Crimped Hair
Most folks have no problem imagining their hair with some (or even lots of) curl, yet, when the idea of crimping the hair comes into play, those same people find themselves at a loss. But crimping can add as much or little to a style as you want. Here are a couple of suggestions for using crimping that can be done quickly, and effectively:
Bella Thorne with crimped hair
Bella Thorne's crimped hair - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Crimping Hair as Accents
One of the most effective ways to use crimping is by adding crimped locks of hair as accents to the main style. This is especially effective with straight hair styles. By adding one-inch locks of crimped hair randomly spaced throughout flat-ironed hair you can give visual interest without completely altering the look of the hair.
In fact, the use of random crimped locks can be combined with temporary color sprays to create accents made from the individual’s own hair, and are perfect for club scene looks or festive party occasions.
Crimping Hair as Focal Point
Another excellent way to incorporate crimping into a hairstyle is to use it to enhance an otherwise bland up-style technique. Using a thick elastic device, or a series of clips, barrettes and combs, you can create an up-style that features sprays of hair in random directions. By using the crimping iron, you can take a normal spray of hair and shape it into a fan of hair that completely changes the dynamic of the style.
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