Yukata Hairstyling and Makeup

Japanese yukata look
Summer is bringing along a lot of fun events such as summer festivals and firework shows. A fashion item that lifts you up and helps you fully enjoy the summer season in Japan is definitely a yukata.
A yukata is a casual summer kimono, usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric instead of silk. It has been increasingly popular especially among the younger generation as it is perfect for summer events and it makes you look different in an instant. Yukata is a must-have for Japanese summer. Here are ideas on hairstyles and makeup that go great with it, as well as tips on how to wear yukata.
Three tips for yukata hair & makeup styles:
1. Use a trendy color as an accent: With yukata in the ground color of lemon yellow, use trendy lavender for color makeup to make your face look fresh.
2. Simple design for a cool impression: Apply color makeup with simple techniques and go for a neat hairstyle with a bun at the nape of the neck.
3. Profile-conscious hairstyle & makeup: Apply blush all the way to the temples to create a cute side profile. Check the balance of your hairstyle from the sides, too!
Shiseido top hair & makeup artist, Yumiko Kamada introduces hair and makeup that reflects this year’s trends and that are easy for anyone to try out. She explains how to create a trendy yukata hairstyle & makeup look.
Yukata hairstyling:
1. Prepare the hair for styling. Apply styling foam to enhance elasticity and softly curl the hair ends with a curling iron if you want a soft, feminine look.
2. Separate the hair from behind the ears to the top of the head. Divide the hair into front and back parts (see picture 2).
Yuakata hairstyling
3. Tie both parts near the top of the head (see picture 3a). Split the front part right under the hairband and pull the hair ends through the hole, making an inverse ponytail to add nuances on the sides (see picture 3b).
4. Make a bun by twisting the front and back bundles.
5. Secure the bun with bobby pins, and balance it at the top of the head. Arrange the hair on the sides and finish it off with hairspray.
Yukata makeup:
1. Apply liquid foundation for a light finish.
2. Lightly set with face powder and use highlighter to create a bright and healthy look.
3. Create soft natural eyebrows with eyebrow powder.
Yukata makeup
4. Put coral cream eye color around the outer corner of double eyelids and lavender cream eye color on the lower eyelids for a cool image. If you have single eyelids, lightly apply the eye color on the outer corner of the eyelids with the eyes opened.
5. Carefully apply mascara from the roots of the eyelashes for bigger, brighter eyes.
6. Put pink cream blush onto the cheekbones, and softly blur the color to the sides up to the temples to create some depth.
7. Wear glossy pink lipstick for a brighter look. Blur the lip outlines to create a light finish.
Young lady wearing a yukata kimono
Tips for yukata dressing:
Yukata, a fashion of midsummer, is supposed to give a refreshing impression. To make it look cool, try using only a few colors or adding white as an accent color. Make sure to tighten the top of yukata around your neck and chest no matter how hot for a neat and elegant look.
Text and photos provide by Shiseido.