CLICS Attracts Hair Colorist Chrystofer Benson

Hair colorist Chrystofer Benson
CLICS, LLC announced that it has hired Chrystofer Benson as its Senior Vice President of Global Creative Direction.
CLICS has created a revolutionary hair color service for professional stylists and hair salons. CLICS' solution includes a mixable hair color line, a digital hair color studio for stylists, and an automated pay-after-dispense service for hair salons.
Hair care products generate almost $100 billion per year in sales. Professional salons represent $20 billion of the products purchased including professional grade hair color, shampoo, conditioners and styling treatments. Industry leaders include Henkel, Kao and L'Oréal.
"Technology innovation in the professional salon market is lagging. Antiquated tools, lack of color choice, hair color waste and inventory management drag salon profits down by 30 percent. CLICS has solved all of these problems with the industry's first platform-based color service," said Charles Brown, CLICS' CEO.
Digital hair color service
"When CLICS first appeared on my radar, I couldn't believe it. As a professional colorist, I have dreamed of having the kind of control a digital hair color studio could offer. Permanent hair color is complex reactive chemistry. It takes years to master with the limited tools available today. CLICS has changed all that and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to set the creative direction for CLICS' truly revolutionary digital hair color service," said Chrystofer Benson.
"Chrystofer is the most decorated hair colorist in the history of the profession. He has been a finalist in 70 global competitions and won an astounding 30 first place awards since 2009, including winning five of nine NAHA Colorist of the Year awards. When Chrystofer said he wanted to lead our creative team, I was thrilled. It confirmed CLICS' revolutionary potential," said Brown.
"As a stylist and salon owner, I experienced all of these problems. These issues severely impacted my bottom line. When I looked for solutions and found none, I felt compelled to create one for our industry. To attract a global creative director of Chrystofer's caliber is so empowering. It validates our uniqueness and brings amazing brand energy to CLICS," said Leilani Macedo, CLICS Cofounder and President.
Professional hair color by CLICS
CLICS hair color service at the Premiere Orlando beauty show
More about CLICS:
CLICS, LLC is a company dedicated to elevating hair stylists and salons through its innovative hair color line and patented color service platform. CLICS is in the progressive tech community of La Jolla, California and was founded by Leilani Macedo, a cosmetologist and former salon owner, and Charles Brown, an internet pioneer.
Photos: Courtesy of CLICS, LLC
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