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Haircolor Concierge at home hair color service
Quarantine created unprecedented demand for at-home hair products and changed beauty routines in ways no one could ever have expected. 37% of United States consumers who typically color their hair in the salon colored their hair at home for the first time ever. Not surprisingly, L'Oréal Paris saw a 40% increase in hair color inquires to their Consumer Care Center over the past few months.
Many were inspired by spokeswoman Eva Longoria's own at-home hair color success.

In response and as part of its unwavering mission to help people color at home with confidence, L'Oréal Paris is launching a 24/7 hair color platform called Haircolor Concierge. From texting or video chatting with a trained color professional seven days a week to testing out a new hair color with virtual try-on tools, L'Oréal Paris has you covered – literally.
"We are thrilled to introduce Haircolor Concierge and offer our consumers an on-demand platform designed specifically to meet all their hair coloring needs – when and where they want it," says Maude Brunschwig, SVP, Marketing, L'Oreal Paris. "Haircolor Concierge combines innovative technology with the hair color expertise and knowledge that only L'Oréal has to inspire, educate and empower our consumers. With more people coloring their hair at home than ever before, we want to be there for them every step of the way, because they're worth it."
Whether it's someone coloring their own hair for the very first time, or coloring it the first time in a while, Haircolor Concierge offers a variety of personalized tools and services to help including:
• Live Chat: Live help from L'Oréal Paris' Consumer Care Center can be accessed seven days a week via this link. Help is also available via a new SMS service, seven days a week.
• Make an Appointment: Just like going to the salon, people can make an appointment for a video consultation with an experienced hair colorist ahead of time. They offer everything from product and shade selection advice to step-by-step help to get through the coloring process.
• Virtual Try-On & Diagnostic Tools: Enhancements to L'Oréal's virtual Try-On tool make it easier than ever to find one's perfect shade as well as a new diagnostic tool that helps people find the right match for their hair color needs.
• How-To's and Q&A's: New instructional how-to's and more Q&A's take all the questions out of at home coloring.
• Trend Articles: Get inspired to try a new shade or learn a new coloring technique with style-driven articles showcasing the latest hair color trends.
From offering out-of-the-box coloring suggestions to providing a seamless experience 24/7, Haircolor Concierge makes coloring at home even more convenient, personal and inspiring.
Source: L'Oéal Paris via PR Newswire
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