Urban Glamour by Mark Woolley

Free-spirited hairstyles
Urban Glamour is a collection of free-spirited and trendy looks featuring hairstyles with lots of texture and movement. Inspired by the hot looks and fast pace of urban life.
These looks are hip, lively, and ready for the dance floor of any urban nightclub.

Razor-Cut Bob with Bangs

Razor-cut mid-length hairstyle with long bangs
The cut: This mid-length straight hairstyle features a razor-cut bob with long bangs. The style is deeply textured to give a chunky-looking, spiky, layered volume to the hair.
The color: Starting with a medium-level brown, the hair has been lightened with golden highlights and soft caramel tones to bring out the depth of the color and add some warmth.
The style: The finished look is created by blow-dry straightening the cut with styling gel. The layers are defined and the spikes are made prominent using a small bit of pomade to smooth the locks and accentuate the texture.

Long Hairstyle with Layering

Seductive long hairstyle with layering
The cut: This long hairstyle features textured, razor-cut tendrils, and layering at the top and crown of the head, including the fringe area.
The color: The base color of the hair is that of strong black coffee, with just a few hints of chocolate brown and cappuccino in finely spread highlights to add some light and depth to the look.
The style: By using a diffused blow-dryer and scrunching spray the natural wave of the hair is enhanced and the layering at the crown area is volumized. The overall-look is sultry and seductive, with a just-rolled-out-of-bed quality.

Funky Look Hairstyle

Funky hairstyle created with styling gel
The cut: Another razor-cut layered hairstyle of medium length. This cut is ideal for medium-to-fine hair. The texturing is designed to allow for maximum lift in the style.
The color: The color is a base of medium blonde gradually shifting to golden ends for a natural, sun-bleached look.
The style: This look shows the versatility of the cut. Using blow-dry styling and high-hold styling gel, this pseudo-pompadour style features slicked-back sides for a cool, funky look. The hair is given extra standing power with pomade to give definition and sharp clean lines.

Pixie Haircut with Choppiness

Pixie haircut with razor cutting
The cut: An updated look for the classic pixie-cut style. The hair is cut with the razor for maximum choppiness and visual interest.
The color: This is another richly-colored brunette, with warm cappuccino highlights giving her a smoldering color in this gamine short hairstyle.
The style: All that's needed here is some gel, a blow-dryer and your fingers. Apply your styling gel and blow the hair to a mostly-dry state. Use a little more gel on the fingertips as needed to define the tips of the style and arrange the look as desired.

Choppy Pixie Hair Cut

Longer pixie cut with a wild and choppy effect
The cut: A longer version of the pixie look is created with the razor, adding texture. The cut is angular and the effect is choppy.
The color: Almost perfectly platinum blonde tresses are created using a foiling technique all over the head. The look is a gradient effect to give depth to the ultra-blonde tone.
The style: The razored locks are blown forward with gel and defined with pomade to accentuate the angled lines of the cut. The overall look is wild and sultry.

Medium Length Circle Cut

Medium length circle cut for wavy hair
The cut: The medium length circle cut gets an updating with razor-cut texture ideal for wavy hair types.
The color: The model's rich, raven-black hair has a touch of warmth with coffee-colored highlights.
The style: Styling gel, diffuse airflow from a blow-dryer, and a large barrel round brush give the basic shaping, followed by light misting with styling spritz and scrunching add definition to the layered effect.

Curls and Texture

Long hairstyle with point-cutting and curls
The cut: Long-layers and deeply-executed point-cutting texture bring this model's mass of curls to life with movement.
The color: Long medium-golden blonde tresses are given pale golden highlights, adding fire to the curls and bringing light to the hairstyle.
The style: By blowing out the hair with styling gel, a diffuser, and the head inverted, the nest of curls is given maximum volume. Some scrunching with a light mist of spray gives the curls added definition.
Hair: Mark Woolley
Photography: Anthony Mascolo
Make-Up: Pat Mascolo
Styling: Jiv