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In discussing the topic of make-up, no discussion of skin care would be complete without discussing moisturizers. Moisturizers have the primary purpose of dispensing moisture into the skin, and when used in a make-up application helps to promote even coverage of foundations and other liquid or cream cosmetics.
Moisturizers can also serve as mediums through which nutrients and other ingredients are distributed into the skin. There are deep penetrating moisturizers to deal with problem areas of dry, hardened skin. Finally, moisturizers can serve as protective agents, containing ingredients that protect the skin as well as adding moisture.
Types of Moisturizers:
Hydrating Moisturizers:
hydrating moisturizing Since the primary job of a moisturizer is to impart moisture, many of the best such products contain humectants and other moisture-rich ingredients to hydrate the skin.
These products are formulated to be easily absorbed by the skin so that the moisture-rich ingredients can penetrate most deeply. Such products are useful for replenishing dry skin, keeping aging skin plumped and dewy and helping the skin stay healthy.
Nourishing Moisturizers:
nourishing moisturizer The penetrating nature of a moisturizer makes it an excellent way to infuse the skin with helpful agents that have been shown to benefit the skin in myriad ways.
These formulas include things like copper and retinol which are designed to help restore collagen and elastin and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. These products are usually applied more sparingly, and will be more expensive than simple hydrating moisturizers.
Deep-Penetrating Moisturizers:
deep penetrating moisturizer These moisturizer formulas are designed to penetrate deeply into tough, callused skin and rough, scaly patches and infuse these problem areas with moisture. They may also contain gentle, exfoliating properties which help to soften and remove the excess skin cells.
These deep-penetrating moisturizers can often be used in combination with mechanical exfoliation and abrasion to expedite the removal of the excess skin.
Protective Moisturizers:
protective moisturizer These moisturizers serve a dual function compared to other types of moisturizers. They do impart moisture to the skin, but they also contain components that perform other functions. These functions can be varied, and include things like preventing chapping and chafing, protecting against sunburn and sun damage, and preventing simple skin infections from fungus and even repelling insects.
Suntan lotions, Sunscreens, Cream oils, and Anti-fungal creams are all common protective moisturizer formulas. The jobs they perform can vary widely, but they generally all are formulated because the situations for which they are created either call for or benefit by adding moisture to the skin as well as the protective element.
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