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Foundation Makeup and the Aging Woman (2)

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Solution & How To:
According to dermatologists, trying to replace collagen and elastin with topical treatments is ineffective. The molecules of collagen and elastin are too large to pass through the epidermis. However, you SHOULD look for foundations and skin care treatments that use ingredients which help to stimulate dermal activity.
Among these are Vitamins C & E, Alpha-hydroxy acids, lycopene, green tea, and coenzyme Q10, which help to eliminate free radicals which attack the collagen and elastin, and help increase the skin’s collagen production. Many cosmetic manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of these ingredients and are now including them into their foundation formulas to help women keep the skin healthy and young-looking longer.
Formation of Wrinkles
Another “common problem” of aging skin is one that many women aren’t readily aware of – a breakdown of fat cells in the skin. Below the outer layers of the skin is a layer of fat cells that act as a cushion and moisture/nutrient source for the skin. While the aging process robs the skin of its ability to retain moisture, and of its resiliency, it also results in the breakdown of these fat cells.
The three problems act together and reinforce each other in tandem. As the moisture and resilience of the skin begins to decline, and the substance of the skin’s layer grows thinner, fine lines, and even deeper wrinkles begin to form.
Solution & How To:
fashionable woman Here’s where the more aesthetic choices come into play in selecting a foundation cosmetic. While the ingredients in your foundation can help to slow and prevent the deterioration of the skin caused by aging, most women are looking for something that will help them to “look younger” now. To that end, there are some simple things to look out for, and chief among them is a matte finish to the look.
You want the foundation to leave the skin looking matte, not glossy or oily. When the skin is shiny, all those little wrinkles and creases in the skin are accentuated by the glinting of lights reflecting off the oily surface. As a result, you can actually look older when you wear certain makeup brands that tout a “dewy” look. When using a liquid, cream or paste foundation, always opt for one with a matte finish, which gives a flat finish and minimizes the look of the lines and wrinkles you may have.
If you should have a need for a foundation that doesn’t offer a matte finish in order to provide for some other need of your skin (extra moisture, or antioxidants for collagen and elastin replenishment) be sure to use a finishing powder and keep it with you to “touch up” your look and control shine throughout the evening.
Extra Note:
One of the most popular cosmetic formulations of the modern age – Mineral Makeup – is actually an ideal choice for aging skin. It offers what some may consider the best of all possible worlds. You can use your moisturizing treatments and antioxidant/enzymatic creams as a base for your skin care, and simply apply your mineral powder makeup over them.
The greatest immediate benefit of the mineral makeup for aging skin is that it leaves an “airbrushed” finish. The skin appears soft and smooth and has a youthful glow.
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