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Eyebrow Pencils (2)

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How to Use Your Eyebrow Pencil…
When you’ve chosen your brow pencil, the next step is to learn to use it properly. Since the goal is enhancement of the brows, we need to discuss exactly what that means. There are two main functions brow enhancement is meant to perform: either you mean to fill-in sparse brows, or you mean to emphasize the arch of your natural brow.
Fill-In Technique
how to fill in spare eyebrows For those women whose eyebrows are sparse or pale, the act of filling in the brows is fairly simple, once you get the technique down. You don’t want to treat it as a “coloring in” process, but rather imitate the appearance of the short hairs that make up the brows in the first place. This means that you want a sharpened point on your brow pencil, and you want to apply the pencil using short, feathery strokes.
You can overlap the strokes a little, but use caution to avoid applying the pencil marks too heavily. Keep the strokes centered within the boundaries of the natural brows, and be sure to adapt them to the areas of the brows where they may be thicker or thinner. It is presumed that you will have already done some grooming of the brows to reshape and define them, so you’ll have a definite “area” in which to contain your pencil strokes.
Finish the look by using a eye-makeup brush to softly blur the pencil strokes (or use a cotton swab, makeup applicator or even a very gentle fingertip stroke). Remember, the goal is to soften the look of the strokes, not to smear them out of recognition.
Arch Emphasis
shaping the arch of eyebrows Once again, with this technique, it’s presumed that you’ve already shaped, tweezed and/or waxed your brows into two distinct, arched shapes of whatever configuration suits your preferences. It also presumes that your brows are normal in density and not in need of artificial “fill in”.
In this case, you are merely looking to emphasize the arching curve of the brow. To do this, you want to use the same short, feathered strokes as with the fill-in technique. Only this time, take the strokes and start with the bottom of the inner corner of the brow and curve the strokes gently upward to the highest point of the arch. The strokes should just touch outside the upper reach of the brow’s curve, then curve downward and end up beneath the outer tip of the brow line.
By exaggerating the natural arching within the boundaries of the brows, you emphasize the arch without making the look appear artificial. Just don’t let the exaggeration of the arch turn into too much emphasis.
Again, finish the look by blending the pencil strokes slightly in order to soften the look of the pencil strokes.
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