Contouring Tips and Tricks

Contouring make-up
Once you’ve selected your contouring colors as appropriate for your skin tone, it’s time to discuss the possible ways contouring can help you enhance your look, and then we’ll look at some specific application techniques that you can put to good use. Contouring serves a number of purposes in make-up application, and in fact, some of the cosmetics you already use serve similar purposes.
Eye shadow and blusher are primarily used to mimic the subtle arousal responses of a youthful body – the pinking of the cheeks and the darkening of the soft tissue around the eyes – but they also serve to give definition to the eyes and add shape to the cheeks by drawing the focus in those areas.
Adding in the specific application of cosmetics that will serve the purpose of helping to enhance and adjust the shape of the face and features only serves to make the other cosmetics work even better.
What Contouring Can Do & How To
How to use contouring make-up
Contouring as a general term for the cosmetic application to refine and enhance the features covers three basic jobs: accentuating, minimizing and contouring. These jobs are achieved by the same basic application techniques, but the results are important enough to have their own distinction.
Accentuating your best features is probably the favorite use of contouring for most women. Making the eyes deep and sexy, making the cheekbones stand out and appear dramatic are two of the ways you can accentuate your best features with contouring. With the right combination of shading and highlighting you can create a dramatic visage and make your best features truly the stars of your face.
Sometimes we have features that we don’t want to appear so prominent. Perhaps our face is wide and seems flat or our forehead is too broad, and instead of enhancing these features we want to make them less prominent. Contouring make-up works for this in that you can take the shading and highlighting techniques and refine the shape of the broad features, making them appear smaller.
Of course being called contouring make-up it is obvious that contouring would be a legitimate function of the technique. Once you master the techniques of shading and highlighting, you can subtly reshape the face and seemingly sculpt the face into the more pleasing esthetic you envision. Whether it’s a flat cheek, or a jaw that’s too square or too round, or just too much, you can alter the look of the shape and create the look that you want.
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