The Mullet Haircut (2)

How to cut a ponytail mullet
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Creating the Style:
You Will Need:
•  Four Butterfly Clips
•  Styling Comb
•  Haircutting Scissors
Section the hair into four sections and secure the hair with the butterfly clips. The top section should include a roughly rectangular section from the front hairline to the middle of the crown (the middle of the downward curve at the back of the head) and from the top of the left side to the top of the right (use the outside corners of the eyes as a guide).
The side sections should start at the front hairline on the sided and stop at a point just behind the ears. (See the diagrams.) The hair in back (the remaining hair) should be twisted up and secured together.
The Front: Whether you’re going for the classic or ponytail variation of the mullet, the front of the hair is handled the same – cut in a traditional men’s haircut. Take down the top section and comb the hair forward over the forehead. Cut the bangs to the desired length.
Take down one side and comb the hair forward and cut the side guide at an angle using the bangs length to guide your cut. Then comb the hair straight down and carefully cut the hair around the ears. For the sideburns (if any) comb the hair forward and back, cutting each edge of the sideburns to set the guide length. Take vertical slices of the hair that are about 1/4th inch wide, starting at the front and use your guide cuts to create even lengths. Slowly work back along the side in ¼-inch increments. Repeat these steps on the opposite side.
Position yourself on whichever side you prefer. Now, return to the top section of the hair and comb the hair upward from both sides so that you are holding the hair in the center of the head from left to right. Using your bangs’ cut as a length guide cut the hair to this length. Work your way back along the top of the head to the end of the section.
Move to either the front or back of the head and comb small segments of the hair from the corners (where the top and sides meet) upward and out at an angle. Cut the corners you see there to blend the top and sides together. This will create a smooth look in the finished haircut.
Once the front portion of the hair is cut, continue to the back in the variation you prefer.
The Back: (Classic Mullet) Take down, the back section of the hair and comb it smooth. Comb thin segments (1/4 inch) of the hair in back straight up and hold them with the hair at the rear of the top section of the head. Cut these segments using the top hair as a length guide. Continue combing the segments up and cutting them using the top length guide until all the hair has been cut. Then comb the hair down and cut the bottom hairline into an even line as desired.
This will create deeply layered lengths in the back of the hair. Be sure to blend the rear sides with the back lengths by combing horizontally along the “join” of the side and back sections and cutting away any “corners”
The Back: (Ponytail Mullet) Take down the bottom inch of the back section and comb the hair straight down until smooth. Cut the bottom edge of the hair to the desired length. Continue lowering ½-inch segments of the back section, and cut them off to the length already cut.
Once complete, pull the hair back and secure into a ponytail centering the tail at the occipital bone (the small lump at the base of the skull and top of the neck). Use a trimmer or edger to “shave” the neckline if needed and give the hairline a clean look. For men, the neckline is traditionally squared off.
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