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The Mullet Haircut (2)

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The Ponytail Mullet:
How to cut a ponytail mullet
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       This is the mullet style worn by many men who want long hair but need to keep a tidy and “businesslike” look for their jobs. It’s especially good for those who pull the hair back into a ponytail. This style works best with straighter hair, because very wavy or curly hair can become “bushy” at the ends because of the blunt cut. Because this style is mostly worn by those men who intend to wear a ponytail, some men opt for a half-inch perimeter of hair to be cut short so that when the hair is tied back into a ponytail it looks more like a traditional haircut until viewed so that the back is fully revealed.
Creating the Style:
You Will Need:
       •  Four Butterfly Clips
       •  Styling Comb
       •  Haircutting Scissors
       Section the hair into four sections and secure the hair with the butterfly clips. The top section should include a roughly rectangular section from the front hairline to the middle of the crown (the middle of the downward curve at the back of the head) and from the top of the left side to the top of the right (use the outside corners of the eyes as a guide). The side sections should start at the front hairline on the sided and stop at a point just behind the ears. (See the diagrams.) The hair in back (the remaining hair) should be twisted up and secured together.
The Front: Whether you’re going for the classic or ponytail variation of the mullet, the front of the hair is handled the same – cut in a traditional men’s haircut. Take down the top section and comb the hair forward over the forehead. Cut the bangs to the desired length.
       Take down one side and comb the hair forward and cut the side guide at an angle using the bangs length to guide your cut. Then comb the hair straight down and carefully cut the hair around the ears. For the sideburns (if any) comb the hair forward and back, cutting each edge of the sideburns to set the guide length. Take vertical slices of the hair that are about 1/4th inch wide, starting at the front and use your guide cuts to create even lengths. Slowly work back along the side in ¼-inch increments. Repeat these steps on the opposite side.
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