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How to Wash a Baby's Hair (2)

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Although whilst many baby shampoos are milder and kinder to a baby’s hair and skin, and do not sting as much if the shampoo gets in the infant’s eyes, if the shampoo contains a high PH, it can cause rigorous tangling of your baby’s hair. It is therefore advisable to use a shampoo which is especially formulated for babies’ hair but which is also PH balanced and falls in between the 4.5 – 6 PH range to avoid excessive tangling.
Help! My Baby Hates Having His Hair Washed!
Some babies hate having their hair washed. They wriggle, scream and kick about in the bath, anything to try and delay Mum or Dad from cleaning their hair, causing bath time, far from being an enjoyable bonding experience for both parent and baby, an excruciating chore. If this sounds like a familiar scene in your house, there are various tips which may help to make the hair washing war easier.
In younger babies it is often advised that they are ‘swaddled’, that is tightly wrapped inside a blanket to make them feel safe and secure before being put in their cot. The same theory can be applied to washing a baby’s hair. If you are experiencing problems with washing your baby’s hair, try wrapping your baby in a large towel and hold he or she under your arm over a bowl of warm water. Wet your baby’s hair, shampoo it and rinse with your baby in this position. Sounds crazy? But it can actually work wonders in pacifying water hating infants.
In older babies, usually six months and beyond, using distraction techniques can prove to be a crucial method to appease and calm down fretful babies. If your baby screams when you try to wash his or her hair, try giving the baby a toy in the bath or to look at something interesting on the wall or ceiling. Babies generally love to copy, especially an older sibling. If your baby has an older brother or sister, getting them to share a bath and seeing their sibling have their hair washed or washing it themselves, may help your baby overcome his or her dislike of having their own hair washed through a willingness to copy their much admired brother or sister.
Many babies have a bald patch appear on the back of their head and even lose their hair completely. This usually occurs before they reach six months, sometimes even later, and is usually the result of friction from the mattress as babies spend a lot of time lying on its back. The hair usually grows back fairly quickly and can often come back a completely different color! Don’t be alarmed if your baby’s hair does some crazy things, as it is not a result of you washing it incorrectly.
The best advice for any new parent is to relax and enjoy your baby, as relaxing vibes will rub off on your baby and help him or her to also relax. Bath times and washing your baby’s hair should be a fun, bonding experience for both you and your baby. Use this time to massage your baby’s scalp, stimulate his or her senses, and really get to know your little one.
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