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Hawaiian Beauty Secrets

The Hawaiian approach to beauty, since ancient times, has always been of a holistic kind. All is considered to be one - the mind, the body and the spirit. All of these elements interact with each other and cannot be treated separately. When discovering the lotions and potions of the Pacific one should also take a look at the traditions and ancient practices that have been used to gain health and beauty.
Hawaiian girl Perhaps the most important and at the same time most simple beauty secret is: Your body can only be as beautiful on the outside as you feel within.
Being exposed to sunshine and water can take its toll on skin and hair. No matter if you are in the Tropics, in the Mediterranean or at your local lake or river, you can use the simple and natural treatments from the South Pacific anywhere.
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is one of the most versatile oils and can be used in so many ways. It has a great nutritional value when eaten, but is also an amazing and easy to find treatment for hair and skin. It has amazing effects to protect and moisturize hair and skin and it has a delightful scent.
Coconut Oil on the Skin
The molecular structure of coconut oil is very small. That is why it can easily be absorbed without leaving an oily film on you. It is used as a remedy for dry skin and has even proven to be helpful with skin diseases like psoriasis.
For local people in Hawaii coconut oil is still the suntan lotion of choice. Now there are also coconut oil products available with a range of sun protection factors.
Coconut Oil also makes a great massage oil.
Coconut Oil for the Hair
Just as it has many great uses for your skin, coconut oil can also do miracles for your hair and scalp. Many people rub a small amount into their hair before they go into the water. It protects the hair from getting brittle over time when exposed to all these forces of nature. Just put a small amount of it in your hands, rub your palms together and then smooth it over the hair. This works for long and for short hair.
If you want to give you hair a very special tropical treat, then spread some coconutoil in all of your hair and onto your scalp. Let it do its job as long as you are comfortable, but about 20 minutes should be enough. Then shampoo your hair as usual. Do not apply any conditioner afterward. You'll find that your hair will be shiny and looking as healthy as it can. This treatment has also proven to help with dandruff.
Kukui Nut Oil for skin and hair
You might have already seen the Hawaiian Kukui Nut leis - a string of brown to black shiny and smooth nuts that is worn around the neck, mostly by men on various occasions. The Kukui Nut, also called Candlenut and its many uses are not very well known outside of Polynesia, but the popularity of this precious oil is steadily increasing.
The name candlenut comes from the ancient use of kukui nuts as candles. They were strung on the midrib of a palm leaf, which served as a wick, and then lit. Their high oil content let them spend light all through the tropical nights.
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