The Adventure of being a Hair Model

Hairmodel before and after her makeover
Have you ever wished you could visit a nice salon many times, get the best treatment and great hairstyles at no cost? Have the stylists give their best to make you look amazing in the latest, trendy haircuts and colors for free?
If you have beautiful hair, you have a good chance to become a hair model. Most salons are on the lookout for models so that they can practice the new looks. Age, height and size do not matter as long as you have nice hair that they can work with. There are several purposes for hair models. One is for the training of new stylists; the other ones are to show off their skills at competitions or shows and to design new styles and take photos.
I had not planned to be a hair model when I entered my favorite salon one day. I did not even know then that such a thing existed. I sat down in the chair and was still going through a stylebook to pick my new look when the senior stylist came by and saw my long honey blonde hair. He immediately grabbed a brush and started to fluff up my mane and turn the strands this way and then another.
When he saw my questioning look, he told me that they were planning a hairstyle show in a month and were still looking for models. I was of course more than flattered and said yes, before I even knew what I was getting into. Just the thought of getting pampered a couple of times per week and not having to pay a penny, convinced me.
The adventure started right that day. I had a little input about the general nature of the style and did not want to go short. But I was open to experiments and agreed that they could get creative with my hair.
Out came the scissors and I slid a bit lower in my seat at the sight of the sharp blades that were approaching my hair. Half an hour later my hair was layered with long strands ending in wispy tips. I liked it and the hair people were happy as well. However, this was only the beginning.
On my next visit the topic was color. They added highlights and shadows, took before and after photos and I felt pampered for a whole afternoon. “Maybe we can get a bit more creative and courageous next time,” the stylist said, and it was not a question. Being a playful individual, I did not mind, but underestimated what was meant with courageous.
A week later I surprised my family with punk purple streaks in my hair that matched my nail polish. The stylist then decided that it was indeed too extreme for the show and all had to come out again. That was when I felt a strain on my hair. But it was only a couple of weeks to the show and just one more color session was planned.
I was then given more details about the upcoming show and realized that I actually had to walk down some stairs onto a stage, parade around and show of my freshly trimmed mane. Since it was not a fashion show, we had to bring our own clothes “the best you have in the closet,” as we were told.
I decided for a plain black dress, since I did not want too much attention on myself but only on my hair. Some of the other models, however, became quite creative with their outfits much to the chagrin of the stylists. The big evening arrived and we all survived it. It was a success and a great experience. I then received a gift certificate for another salon visit and it was all more than worth it.
Not all experiences are that positive. If you decide to be a hair model for a while, make sure you are in good hands with a good hair salon. In most cases you have some input in what they will do to your locks, but make sure, that they guarantee you to fix whatever might go wrong.
Make sure you are ready for perhaps a radical change and if that is not for you, then have a detailed conversation with your stylist about how far you are ready to go. You don’t want to regret anything.
Photos: Dmitry Kalinovsky/Shutterstock