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       The real way to combat this particular issue is to make yourself stop and think carefully before you buy a new product. When you see something new that you are tempted to buy, ask yourself if you have a similar product at home that is less than half used up. If you have more than half a bottle left of a similar product, remind yourself that you can always get the new product when you’ve used up the old one. If you think the new product is better than the one you already have, ask yourself if it is worth replacing the old one given the cost of the new one AND the cost of the old product you will be effectively throwing away.
Remember the Old School Solutions
       Some people realize that there are “homespun remedies” that used to be commonly used to care for the hair. However, they quite often never realize that these homespun solutions are as valid now as they were in by-gone days. One of the benefits of these old-fashioned treatments is that they usually use things we are likely to have on hand, or which can be obtained for a low cost. Let’s look at a few examples of old-school hair treatments and what they can do for you.
Liquoring Up Lifeless Hair with Beer
        If your hair is limp and lifeless and you want to give it some extra body, try rinsing the hair with beer. It doesn’t need to be an expensive micro-brew. Even a nice inexpensive bottle of beer will add some luster and give the hair a little lift. Just remember to rinse out the beer with cool water after leaving it to sit for 10 minutes or else your hair will smell like an old beer bottle when it dries.
All Natural Protein Pack
       Believe it or not, you can make your hair stronger, more nourished and shinier by giving it a fruity facial. Simply take a large banana (very ripe) and add one tablespoon of honey. Mash the two together to make a smooth paste. Wet your hair with warm water and apply the banana/honey mix to the hair and work it thoroughly through the hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and then wrap the head in a warm towel. Leave the treatment on for an hour then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
       The banana is rich in protein to help strengthen the hair and smooth the cuticle layer. The honey is also nourishing and has humectant qualities to help draw moisture into the hair to keep it conditioned.
Fatten Up Your Hair to Make It Soft
       Whether you realize it or not, you have likely used fat to soften and condition your hair. Whether it is in the form of fruit or vegetable oils, or manufactured oil treatment products that are perfumed to mask their origins, fat is a common conditioning agent. In fact, these are so common that they are known under an umbrella term: Cholesterol Treatments.
       If you’ve ever heard of conditioning the hair with mayonnaise, you’ve heard of a cholesterol treatment. Cholesterol treatments can take many forms from simple oil applications to inexpensive cholesterol creams you can find in any beauty supply store. You simply choose the form you want to use: premade cream, olive oil, castor oil, or a premade oil treatment. Apply the treatment of choice to your hair while it is dry then cover the hair with a shower cap and wrap the head in a warm towel. Leave in place for 30 minutes then shampoo the hair and rinse.
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