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Don't simply trim around Hairdressers Insurance!
If you are planning to become a hairdresser, whether it is a self-employed hairdresser, working in a salon or opening your own hairdressing company you will have many important considerations to make.
One aspect that you cannot afford to ignore is insurance, although hairdresser insurance is not the most stylish of subject matters, it is an integral part of any business in the industry and choosing the right cover will help protect your business and lay important foundations for a successful career in hairdressing.
Hairdressing insurance is cover that all hairdressers should have whether you are a self-employed hairdresser or if you run a larger business with several employees. Either way hairdresser insurance is crucial to your business regardless of its size, location or sector.
So if you are aspiring to become a hairdresser or starting a hair dressing business you have to be aware of the correct insurance cover to protect you and your business. The core cover you need is Public Liability Insurance & Product Liability Insurance.
Public liability insurance covers damages to the public and any third party property. A good example of this is a simple trip or slip in a shop. Product liability insurance can insure against damages to the public because of an injury caused by the treatments you carry out or the products you apply for instance negligent application of hair dyes.
Hairdressers insurance offers you and your customer's peace of mind that should an accident happen, you will both be covered for every outcome. Depending on your situation different levels of cover would be required, and a tailored hairdressing insurance policy will not only give you the specific protection you need but can also save you money.
JLT Business Insurance Services provides bespoke Hairdressers insurance policies that suit your business or individual. Brokers of hairdressers insurance, JLT tailored policies allow customers to only pay for the insurance cover they require, offering fantastic savings.
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