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Proper Styling
One of the worst culprits responsible for making the hair appear dull is the way many women style their hair. Often, women will wake up in the morning and treat their hair a little too roughly. If you have any snags in the hair, use a natural bristle brush and work from the bottom up until you can pass the brush through easily, then use the brush to gently brush from scalp to ends to help distribute the oils gently.
In addition, when you blow-dry your hair always remember that you should direct the airflow in the direction in which the hair grows. Hold the nozzle close to the scalp and let the air blow down the length of the hair. This helps prevent the airflow from lifting the cuticle layer of the hair and making the hair look dull.
Finally, make sure your blow-dryer has a cool shot feature – a button on the handle that disengages the heating element and allows the air to become cool – which will allow you to give the hair added shine as you are styling it with your blow-dryer and styling brush.
Nourishing the Hair
Most people think immediately of hair products when you mention "nourishing the hair", because we've been bombarded with the idea that all of these hair care products can provide nutrients and "feed" the needs of our hair. Some can help, but to TRULY nourish your hair, you have to have a PROPER DIET. Since the production of hair is a function of the skin, you want to focus on a diet rich in the foods that are good for the skin.
A diet rich in Vitamin A, Folic acid, and B-complex vitamins is great for the skin and will help with new cell synthesis, as are foods rich in proteins which are a major building block of the hair tissue. Foods that make excellent sources of these vitamins are (to name a few): spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, eggs, liver, oysters, tuna, chicken, lean beef, shrimp, bananas, tomato juice, green beans, asparagus, black-eyed peas, lentils, navy, pinto and garbanzo beans.
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There are, of course, other important dietary components, such as whole grains and a well-balanced diet in general, but these foods are rich in the building blocks needed to aid in healthy hair growth.
So you see that shiny hair isn't just a matter of one or two simple tricks, really. You can mimic the look of shiny hair temporarily, but nothing will outlast the shine of healthy hair that is well-cared for and grown from the source, ready to be seen as polished, glossy, and beautiful.
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