Soft Curls Upstyle (2)

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7. Use your finger tips and gently comb the hair in the fringe area to the back of the head. Gather the hair in a bubble formation, pushing the base or the roots of the hair up so that it forms a high and distinguished bubble at the top of the head. This should be relatively easy given the amount of volume present; because of the curls.
When you’re satisfied with the height and form of the bubble from the front and back view, secure the bubble with bobby-pins. Insert the pins neatly and securely, but you don’t have to go to too much trouble to disguise the pins. We’ll be styling hair curls over the pins in subsequent steps.
Also note that our objective is not seamless surface perfection or precision in this style. This upstyle is more natural and relaxed, almost as if for a beach wedding or a more laid back approach to prom night.
  • Gather the hair in a bubble formation
  • Fold hair from the sides
  • Tuck the hair into the loose bun

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8. Keep on folding hair from the sides, over the bobby-pins. Repeat this until you have covered all the hair of the top of the head. This “bun” will be situated right below the occipital bone, so stop pinning up the hair when you reach this area. Remember to keep using your hairspray to keep the hair in place.
9. Start tucking the hair that is still hanging down into the loose bun that you’re aiming towards. Secure the hair with bobby-pins, making sure all the time with your model that none of the bobby-pins are pulling painfully or uncomfortably at the hair. Remember to use dark pins for dark hair and golden pins for blond hair.
10. When you have tucked all the hair into the bun, gently pull out individual pieces to make the messy bun fuller and seem thicker. Do this gently with your fingertips or the sharp end of a tail-comb, all the while spraying the hair into place with hairspray. Take care to disguise your bobby-pins at this stage, as this is important for the aesthetic value of the hairstyle.
11. Carefully insert your preferred hair accessories into the style. Take care not to disturb the style or to damage the structural stability of the style. Again ask the model if any of the bobby-pins is painful or uncomfortable. If there are; gently wiggle the relevant pins, or remove them and insert them at a different angle. This is important, as within a few hours mere uncomfortableness will escalate to searing pain in the scalp.
  • Make the messy bun fuller and thicker
  • Insert a hair acessories
  • The hair has been pulled out for a full and thick look
  • Hairstyle in proportion with the facial shape

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12. Note that the hair has been pulled out gently to create that full and thick look. The hair is sprayed into place by using generous amounts of aerosol hairspray. A silicone based shine spray was also added to add extra shine and block out any humidity that might be present in the air.
13. Note that the bubble is in proportion with the silhouette of the style and the facial shape of the model. Also, the hair is not precisely neat or seamless. With this hairstyle, it is important to get that perfect balance between natural and still being part of an upstyle.
This style works well with a very eloquent or detailed dress, as the upstyle is classy and imaginative, yet it is not over the top. This style works well with almost all hair types and facial structures. It is a versatile and easy to wear style, making it a universal favourite among women gracing the silver carpet to those wishing for a beach wedding.
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