High Volume Ponytail How To (2)

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7. Note that the curls are quite relaxed and not at all uniform. All the hair is curled from the nape of the neck all the way to the occipital bone. The curls are large and loose, almost like beach-curls.
Comb these curls out quite extensively until the hair is only uniformly wavy. Remember that the ponytail of this style sports waves, and not curls. It is quite a laid-back style with a touch of understated glam.
8. Once you’re satisfied with the waves, you can use an elastic band to secure the ponytail. Take care not to unbalance the bubble that you have formed. Use your hair spray and combs to comb and spray the whole style all around. The style shouldn’t be tight or seamless, yet there should be an element of slight neatness to the overall look.
9. Once you are satisfied with the back of the style, again use your large-barrel curling tong to create large curls in the fringe area. Note that the fringe is parted in the middle, framing the face to soften the pulled-back ponytail look.
  • Secure the ponytail with an elestic band
  • Create curls in the fringe area
  • Preseve the curls and waves
  • Comb out the hair

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10. When you’ve curled the fringe, you gently comb it out to create the wavy and relaxed look that we have completed at the back. Remember that we only want soft waves to frame the model’s face; not springy curls bouncing on the sides of her face. Once you’re satisfied with the curls, you can spray it with medium or strong hold hairspray to keep the structure and preserve the waves.
11. Note the surface of the hair is not perfect or seamless, but has an element of shine and structure to it. Use bobby-pins to add more volume to your ponytail if you find that this is needed. Once you’re happy with the over-all result, you can spray the hair with a shine-spray to enhance the style’s shine and to block out any humidity in the air.
This is an extremely versatile hairstyle, and can be worm to the beach, to a party or to the prom. Your choice of dress-code will determine the ultimate feel of this style. If worn with a ball gown; it will look like a style straight from the red carpet. If you team it up with hotpants and a cropped top to the beach, you’ll be channelling Instagram queen in no time flat.
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