Prom Styles for Curly Hair

Hair with roses in it
It's prom season again!
With the formal fun also comes the excitement of what to wear, who to go with, and most importantly...HOW TO ACCENTUATE YOUR CURLY HAIR!
One might imagine the girl at prom with the curly hairstyle that just didn't work, or the girl who tried to straighten her curls on a rainy night and was left with a big frizzy mess. To avoid such catastrophes this year, here is an alternative.
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• Do it yourself! It is possible!
• The first thing to remember is to make your curls look the best they can BEFORE you begin styling an updo. Use a product that will define your curls as well as maintain soft and manageable ease.
• Apply the product evenly from the base of your scalp to the tips to ensure coverage and to control frizz.
• Dry hair completely. Diffuse your curls to get the desired curl then let it air dry while you apply your makeup. Follow up with the diffuser again to make sure your hair is dry and ensure the curl doesn't relax too much. Gravity has been known to relax curls. Give your hair a little boost with the diffuser just before you put it up if you want to enhance your curls.
• Updos: Bobby pins are a great way to achieve most any style. Make sure to get the closest match to the color of your hair. Additionally, there are different sizes for each hair density, and the heavier pin should match a heavier hair. When inserting the bobby pin, place it under the hair showing as little of the pin as possible.
• Have your illustration of your chosen style for reference throughout the process.
• When working with curly hair, try not to over-manipulate. If you pull your curls apart too much, the end result will require additional curling iron attention.
It's always fun to do hair with friends! So, get a group of your friends together, have a girls' night out and practice, but most importantly, have fun! It might take a few tries to get it right, but make sure you take a picture of your style and write down the "how-tos". That way, the night of the dance your style will be easy to replicate.
Take a deep breath, smile, and tame your hair! Enjoy!
Click here for curly hair styling instructions.
To learn more about styling curly hair, check out There is a new book with 14 different looks to style curly hair up, tips on bobby pinning, and utilizing accessories. It is great resource for curly girls to draw upon day after day!
Article by: Nicole Siri
Photo by: Jenny Schomaker