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Silk Collection

Tracey Devine @ Angels, Aberdeen

Tracey Devine's Silk collection was inspired by nature and by the most precious fabric. Silk is the material that luxurious dreams are made of and the Hairdresser of the Year from Aberdeen translated it convincingly into her medium hair.
  • luxurious long hair with curls
  • pageboy makeover
  • waist long hair
  • sporty haircut
  • frizzy creped ponytail
  • fashion bob
  • sensual look for curly hair
  • 18th century look updo
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With much artistic skill she combined textures, colors and cuts to a series of earthy, but highly sophisticated, artistic and lavish hairstyles. The cuts pay homage to classic shapes; textures are inventive, creative and they come with a great balance of tradition and avant-garde.
The Silk collection seduces with exquisite plays of color, ever so subtle but intense in shades of fall and the earth. It is spectacular in its understated elegance and the intense energy that can only come from the perfect harmony of creativity and great skill.
Hair: Tracey Devine @ Angels, Aberdeen
Make-up: Aleesa Hall
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Photography: Andrew O'Toole
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