Pin-up'date by XYZ

Feminine hairstyles with original shapes
Without compromising its legendary extravagance, XYZ is treading retro territories to update the pinup concept. Thanks to new « plugs-in » downloaded into the designers’ memory, the new collection « pin-up’date » has come into being. Its creators see the « pin-up’date » as the epitome of the ideal woman, a fetishist icon filled with a true fascination for retro fashions and the Hollywood glamour.
This trend is embodied in ultra-feminine hairstyles and the appearance of a new type of « sex symbols » in a great number of magazines, posters and artistic postcards.
New cutting techniques have been developed to bring original shapes to hair volume. Sophisticated movements, curls and rounded shapes mirror the complexity of the modern femme fatale. Bright, warm colors are enhanced by the use of XYZ's « patching » technique in some hair zones.

Purple Flow

Goth hairstyle for short hair with a purple shade
Goth hairstyle for short hair
This short hairstyle with a slender shape comes with extravagant texture and a unique hair color. Goth meets glamour with a shiny yet subdued purple that is gently constrained by subtly darker edges.
The long tongue shaped fringe is anchored high on the crown. It starts powerful and dense before it fades out in needle-sharp texture while leaving a peek-a-boo opening for a smoky eye look.

Fiery Texture

New short haircut with a lot of texture
Short haircut with texture
Classic round lines have turned avant garde with fine texturing of the top layer. The deep bangs move on to cheekbone enhancing sides and come with a good dose of retro chic.
The crowning glory of this stylish and refreshingly new short haircut is the texture, cut and styled with feeling and finesse, that resembles a smoldering fire, freeing itself from the conventions of expected form. The almost charcoal black adds to the mystery.

Great Chemistry

Medium length layered hairstyle with thick curved bangs
Mid length hair with pointed strands - Side view
Texture is the superpower that turns this medium length layered hairstyle into a wearable expression of art. Breaking up the lines and filling the space with fine tuned vibration are sharp, pointed strands that look fragile and dangerous at the same time.
All is set upon a solid base that is evident in front with thick, curved bangs. Highlights on the ash blonde base color enhance the dynamic.


Chestnut hair with a contrast of straight and unruly
What begins with smooth, straight bangs turns into an opulent curly mass of seduction. It is this contrast of the straight and the unruly that puts the incomparable energy into this hairstyle.
And it is not only different textures that play with our senses here but also varying lengths that bring visual and textural excitement. The chestnut hair color was bathed in a transparent berry hue, lending even more spectacular dimension to this extravagant look.
Hairstyles: Séverine Tieleman & Michaël Del Bianco for XYZ
Photos: Fabrice Mariscotti
Make-up: Andréa Aquilino
Styling: Pitsy fashion
Production: ©XYZ BELGIUM